What We Do

The main structure of the Heal Your Life work involves the use of :

  • Positive affirmations or statements
  • Visualisation
  • Mind/Body connection
  • Meditation
  • Loving and Accepting the Self
  • Forgiveness/Releasing anger
  • Mirror work
  • Inner Child work

The workshops contain both Individual and Group work activities. The Heal You Life Philosophy is :

  • Our life experiences reflect what we believe about ourselves
  • Everyone is responsible for all aspects of their life; good and bad
  • Each thought we think is developing our future life
  • What we experience in our life is a result of our thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis
  • How we think and feel can be changed if we want different results in life

Hi I’m Matthew,I’m a licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and owner of Heal & Grow West Midlands.I am passionate about self help and personal development and am committed to helping others free themselves from past emotional issues and to move towards a more loving, joyous and healthy life. My personal development and healing path started in 2007, where I started attending courses and reading books on self help. The skills I started to develop enabled me to feel more confident and free myself from past emotional issues. In 2010 I discovered the work of Louise Hay, which I found particularly helpful in dealing with bereavement issues from the death of my parents. From then on I had a strong desire to share Louise Hay’s work with others to help transform their lives.

louise hayLouise.L.Hay is a Metaphysical Teacher and Author and has sold millions of copies of her books worldwide including best sellers You can heal your life and The power is within you Louise’s inspiring work has helped people connect with their own powers for personal healing, growth and creativity. She has been a pioneer of the self help movement for over 30 years. Louise is the founder of Hay House Incorporated that provides a range of resources providing insights into the mind and body relationship and the way that our thoughts and beliefs can prevent us moving forward in life. The Louise Hay philosophy is that every physical ailment is caused by a certain negative mental or emotional pattern and each person has the capability to change these patterns and to heal themself.

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your oustanding Heal Your Life workshop about forgiveness and the tools you shared with us to help live more empowering lives. The meditation you guided us through was absolutely beautiful. You showed a lot of empathy throughout the whole workshop.

I highly recommend Matthew’s Heal Your Life workshop.


Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop on forgiveness through Heal Your Life. You handled a challenging subject beautifully and lovingly. I particularly liked the meditation and your voice was just perfect to listen to. I recommend your workshops.

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