Success Stories

Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop on forgiveness through Heal Your Life. You handled a challenging subject beautifully and lovingly. I particularly liked the meditation and your voice was just perfect to listen to. I recommend your workshops.


Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your oustanding Heal Your Life workshop about forgiveness and the tools you shared with us to help live more empowering lives. The meditation you guided us through was absolutely beautiful. You showed a lot of empathy throughout the whole workshop.

I highly recommend Matthew’s Heal Your Life workshop.


If you are thinking of doing Matthew’s Heal Your Life course but are unsure because it’s a man leading the group don’t be, Matthew can work with you on a deep emotional level to release things you want to get rid of. He helped me loads.



Just wanted to say, I Loved it! Amazing experience, Thank you.


Thank you for your wonderful workshop presentation, your meditation was excellent. Please believe in yourself, you deserve a wonderful life.

I recommend your workshops, Thank you.


Music really great. Great practical experience to Louise Hay’s teachings. Great exercises and I enjoyed interaction with others.

I feel this course is needed to put the data into practice. Matthew delivered it with warmth and love, he is great at these workshops.

Thank You Matthew.


It was great, well worth it. I didn’t know what to expect but I loved every minute.


Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop especially the practical exercises. The meditations at the beginning and during the course were a great idea.

A really good start to the day.